D. Dauphinee

Maine Author of Essays, Novels, Poems, and a Fly Fishing Badass

Recent Works


Highlanders Without Kilts

Highlanders Without Kilts is a story of love, war, uncommon disaster, and triumph. In 1917, the world was embroiled in a terrible war, the likes of which had never been seen nor imagined. Canada, still a dominion of Great Britain, was early in the fight and sent seven-and-a half percent of its population to fight for King and Country, ultimately contributing a force of more than 600,000 soldiers, nurses and chaplains. 

D. Dauphinee

Author Q&A

Dee is an essayist and novelist, living in Maine. He has been a farmer, a photographer, a fishing & mountaineering guide, and an orthopaedic physician’s assistant. For seven years he was a semi-pro wide receiver in the Canadian Football League’s farm system, and in the Eastern Football League.

Dee was born with a wanderlust in Bangor, Maine. After graduating high school, he made his way to the University of Wyoming. He spent the next decade splitting his time between Jackson Hole, WY, and Vancouver, British Columbia.