Baffin or Bust

Bar Harbor--Sept Iles--Kuujjuaq--Iqaluit--Broughton Island...and back, but through customs at Presque Isle, Maine.

I've got this friend who happens to be a world-class pilot and navigator, AND a retired Air Force Colonel. It was in his plane in 1993 that we flew to Baffin Island to climb a mountain in the back country. Yesterday, he was doing some ciphering on a piece of scrap paper; before he tossed it, he checked the back, and it was our original flight plan for that trip. Pretty cool.

On that trip, my old climbing partner, Doug Oldham and I climbed a peak with no name. After supplying the documentation, we were allowed to name the mountain with the Canadian Geologic Survey: Mt. Kaluualik.

We fished for Arctic charr, hiked, and got to know an Inuit extended family.
In the “Photographs” page there are several photos of that Baffin trip.

Dee Dauphinee