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Highlanders without Kilts

Highlanders Without Kilts is a story of love, war, uncommon disaster, and triumph. In 1917, the world was embroiled in a terrible war, the likes of which had never been seen nor imagined. Canada, still a dominion of Great Britain, was early in the fight and sent seven-and-a half percent of its population to fight for King and Country, ultimately contributing a force of more than 600,000 soldiers, nurses and chaplains. In April of that year, the entire Canadian Expeditionary Force, fighting together for the first time, battled their way to the top of Vimy Ridge in northern France. In December, the city of Halifax was rocked by a devastating accidental explosion that caused 9000 casualties. Highlanders Without Kilts is the story of one Nova Scotia battalion’s odyssey, and one family’s dreadful loss. From the unspeakable death and destruction came a nation’s altered sense of self and a newborn path to its future.

But rather than treat the Battle of Vimy Ridge as a straight history text — others have done that — Dauphinee decided to take some liberties and treat the event as a launching point for some powerful fiction.
— John Holyoke | Bangor Daily News
Highlanders Without Kilts
By D. Dauphinee

The River Home

Tucked into the north Maine woods, along the West Branch of the Penobscot River, is the fly fishing destination town of Roslyn. The river, and dozens of streams in the valley, are waters famous for the fish they hold. Ben Garrison, a beautiful, gentle young man with a skeletal deformity and a bad limp evolves into the most capable, accomplished hermit in town; he is a master gardener, a gourmet chef, a poet and a Zen-like fly fisher...and a confidant of the lovely farmhand Annie Nielson. After an unspeakable tragedy, Annie and Ben explore the dynamics of an unlikely relationship. Annie must discover her own destiny while coming to grips with her untold dreams, and with her conflicting commitment to helping on the family farm, all the while fishing for the salmon and trout that are native to the cold, clear waters in the mountain streams. There are life lessons within the pages, and there is even a little fly fishing.

There’s love and tragedy, hope and renewal, in a small rural Maine town, with plenty of references to actual places so that the story seems all so real. I laughed. I cried. I couldn’t wait to read the next chapter.
— George Smith | GeorgeSmithMaine.com
In “The River Home,” readers will find a well-crafted novel that uses fly fishing as a device to tell a much more important tale.
— John Holyoke | Bangor Daily News
The River Home
By D. Dauphinee

Stoneflies and Turtleheads

Denis "Dee" Dauphinee has been a farmer, photographer, orthopaedic physician's assistant, a climbing and fishing guide, and a writer contributing to several "small, almost unheard-of newspapers." He spent an entire decade wandering the earth, searching. For what, he didn't know. And everywhere he went, he fly fished...and usually got into some sort of trouble-or hurt-or both.

Among all the books written about fly fishing in recent years, Maine author Denis Dauphinee’s debut book, “Stoneflies & Turtleheads” is by far one of the best.
— Bill Bushnell | Bushnell on Books
Stoneflies & Turtleheads
By D. Dauphinee

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Kicking Pig Press is a small imprint publisher started in 2016 by Dee and a few friends to produce various projects for their pals. There are several works in progress.