About D. Dauphinee

Dee is an essayist and novelist, living in Maine. He has been a farmer, a photographer, a fishing & mountaineering guide, and an orthopaedic physician’s assistant. For seven years he was a semi-pro wide receiver in the Canadian Football League’s farm system, and in the Eastern Football League.

Dee was born with a wanderlust in Bangor, Maine. After graduating high school, he made his way to the University of Wyoming. He spent the next decade splitting his time between Jackson Hole, WY, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Living in Jackson Hole in the 1980's was Heaven, he recalls...he was climbing mountains or fly fishing every second he could. Eventually, he learned that being only an average photographer, if he was willing to crawl on his belly for a mile in the mud, or not be adverse to being in harm’s way to get an image, photography might take him places. It did; to places like El Salvador, Peru, the Arctic, Europe, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Ecuador, Jordan, the UK, Panama, Africa, and many places in between where he did contract and spec work for several media outlets, including United Press International.

Dee has led or co-led mountaineering, desert, and jungle expeditions on 5 continents, and has climbed above 20,000 feet above sea level fourteen times; at one time, more than any Maine native. He has been involved in several state and international Search & Rescue teams. 

No matter what he was doing, or where he was going, he was always in the company of a book, a journal, and a fly rod.  When he wasn't taking pictures or interviewing people, he rigged-up his old Sage fly rod, and fished every ditch that might hold fish. Now he writes about those experiences.

Dee has contributed articles, photographs, and essays to many periodicals for thirty years, including National Geographic, The Canadian Geographic, Outside Magazine, Mariah, Backpacker, Climbing, Ascent, and The Drake magazines, to name only a few.

Dee has had two books published by North Country Press; Stoneflies & Turtleheads, a collection of fly fishing essays from Maine and around the world, and The River Home, a novel. Highlanders Without Kilts, an award-winning historical fiction about a Canadian family’s ordeal during WWI and a Nova Scotia battalion’s odyssey in that war was released May, 2015 by Kicking Pig Press. He is currently working on a book titled, When You Find My Body, about an Appalachian Trail hiker who became lost in Maine in 2013. She was not found, and she perished.

Dee lives in Bradley, Maine, with his wife and two children, who all hike and fish.